Great English Outdoors: Plaid Heaven

Great English Outdoors

Chelsea posted about the Great English Outdoors shop today on her blog. She gave me a shout out because she knows how much I love plaid and anything english. The shop looks magical and cozy. Check out their amazing selection of vintage and new welsh blankets below.

I really want to take a trip to England, Wales, and Scotland in the spring. I would love to see the architecture, check out antique stores, and hopefully discover some beautiful textiles. Someday soon I hope I can open a store stateside filled with homey wares and textiles. Really it will happen because Greg is getting tired of me talking about my someday store rather then doing it. If you know any great english style resources feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment below.

(discovered via {frolic!} via Han Picked)

welsh blankets
welsh plaid_blankets

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  1. I live near Tinsmiths and Baileys and yes, you would love them – but the shops are so much better than their websites. You can see more pics of Baileys on You might also like And if you ever do go to hay on wye to see EE then pop by Llewellyn and Company for some more pretty things (also near where I live). And re- may also be up your street. Love your blog by the way and can’t wait to see more pics of your house. I work for a company that build oak framed house and barns so love anything to do with buildings!


  2. What wonderful stuff – and aren’t those blankets a dream?
    I have some links for you…
    First you should definitely check out Melin Tregwynt, it’s a traditional Welsh company making the most beautiful blankets – they’re truly lovely! Here is a link for you,
    If you like stripes and tickings, you could also take a little peek at – it’s a beautiful shop selling woven fabric and other nice things, from an old tinsmiths building in a historic market town in Herefordshire.
    The next lovely site is – they sell vintage and repurposed things, and new ones too. I love it.
    Last of all is Pedlars – the company is run by this wonderfully eclectic sounding family who live in the middle of nowhere in the Scottish highlands; it started off as mail order only but they have some bricks and mortar shops now too. It’s at – don’t miss the vintage section where you can pick up everything from an vintage Hovis tin to an antique mail sorting desk.
    Hope you find something you like amongst these! Your spring trip sounds so much fun, hope you do make it! :)


  3. Hi Katy! Adore this—am positively in love with plaid as well. Nearly cried when I found your blog the first time. You are living out my dream! Hopefully my fiance and I will be tackling a similar project somewhere down the road on a home half as charming! I did a little post about your Guest Room this morning. It’s one of my all time favorites! Thank you for all your inspiration.
    XXX Kate