Goal: Freeze Summer Vegetables

freezing summer vegetables

I have a few goals for the fall. #1 freeze summer vegetables and #2 learn to knit a hat and gloves. My tomato crop didn’t yield as much fruit as I had anticipated. Majority of the tomatoes have ended up in blts and in caprese salad. I wanted to make a pot of tomato soup but realized I needed a food mill—one of the few kitchen tools I don’t own. I still have a bunch of green zebras and black krims out on the vines. Frost hasn’t hit here so maybe I will give them a few more days to ripen.

Last night I came across Margaret Roach’s blog—a blog that has been recommended to me a number of times but I never remembered to actual visit till I followed some links. I spent hours last night reading her archives. For any new or experienced gardener Margaret’s blog is a must read. Tons of useful information and gorgeous photos. Above is a shot of her freezer filled with tomato sauces. She has a great list of recipes for freezing pesto, winter squash, and apple sauce too. Check out her blog now: awaytogarden.com.

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  1. Helllo!
    I freeze some of our tomatos and some I dry in the owen.
    For the frozen ones I make tomato purée and then I freeze them in ice-cube recipient. It’s so easy to use them in this small cube form.

    (And thank you for the beautifull web site)


  2. this is a totally inspiring post and photo! i want a garden! also, i make tomato soup all the time (well, all the seasonal time, and sometimes when tomatoes are out of season, to be honest) and i never strain it or try to get the seeds out. that might be unappealing to others, but i never even notice the seeds. i just roast the tomatoes with some garlic and onions, add some broth and seasonings, and throw them in the blender (or use my fancy new immersion blender). just a thought?


  3. What inspiration! I want that freezer! I need a garden! Or I need to get myself to the farmer’s market and stock up on some late summer goodies… Thanks for sharing Margaret’s blog–it looks great!


  4. Do you have a hand blender? I’m sure you could grind up your tomatoes that way and then strain the through a colander to remove seeds.

    We just had our first freeze last night in Albuquerque, and I haven’t gone out to the garden yet to see what the damage was.