David Hockney at PaceWildenstein


I’ve been thinking a lot about landscape painting. I don’t have anything scholarly to add to the discussion. I just think it’s a subject I would be interested in painting. I found some old landscape drawings from undergrad while cleaning out a closet. I remember thinking they were crap. Now I kinda like them.

Then, I came across an article in the NYT about David Hockney’s new landscape work. The color and gesture are energetic, abstract, and alive. Attached to the article are short clips shot by Coluga Pictures of Hockney painting in Yorkshire.

Hockney talks a lot about photograph and how it can’t capture the real feeling of a landscape. Painting produces emotional reactions that photography struggles to find. I wonder if that’s why we have fallen in love with Polaroids again? The distortion and happenstance quality of a Polaroid creates an nostalgic emotion that can be difficult to find in picture perfect. Check out David Hockney’s show at the PaceWildenstein in NY through December 24.

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Picture 30

Picture 31

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  1. actually using his recent pieces, and artist research!
    great stuff, enjoying it very much… i’m actually in London at the moment, so i might see his exhibition RA: ‘A Bigger Picture’

    very recommended.


  2. David is gr8.İf he want,ı want him, have-as-a-guest at our home..Who knows, may be he will yes..:-))I am living at Kusadasi,Turkey..


  3. I live just down the road from him here in East Yorkshire, UK. We met on one occassion. The Imagine film by Bruno Wolheim is well worth a watch if you can get hold of it. Nice blog.


  4. I was fortunate enough to see David Hockney’s landscape paintings at Pace Wildenstein. Actually they are exhibited at 2 galleries. I saw the exhibit that is in Chelsea, N.Y. Next week I will go uptown to see his work in Pace Wildenstein’s uptown location.

    The landscape paintings were fantastic to view, on so many levels.

    His use of color is thoroughly amazing and there are no internet images that do them justice.