Apple Cider Donuts & Edible Boston



I am totally in love with fall cover of edible boston. Fresh apple cider donuts from Russell Orchards in Ipswich, Ma are heavenly. I’ll admit I have eaten a bag of these delicious donuts from Russell on the car ride home. Edible has a fun bread pudding recipe on their site using leftover apple cider donuts. Sounds yum but who ever has any leftover? Maybe I’ll give it a try next week. Get the recipe:

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Red Sprite & Jim Dandy Winterberry Shrubs?

Red Sprite Winterberry Shrub

Red Sprite Winterberry Shrub

My mom picked me some “Red Sprite” and “Jim Dandy” winterberry shrubs for my front garden to replace my hydrangeas. “Jim Dandy” is the male plant. Males are needed to pollinate the females. One male can pollinate at least 6 females but the male plant produces no fruit. When I saw the picture of the plant online it looked more like a holly plant—leaves and berries. But I guess the leaves fall off in early October and your left with just berries. I’m rethinking this whole winterberry idea. Maybe I should get a miniature style holly? Do they even exist? I want something that stays green throughout the winter and sturdy enough for holiday lights. I don’t want just shrubs. Maybe something with a little ornamentation…Any ideas?

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