Apple Cider Donuts & Edible Boston



I am totally in love with fall cover of edible boston. Fresh apple cider donuts from Russell Orchards in Ipswich, Ma are heavenly. I’ll admit I have eaten a bag of these delicious donuts from Russell on the car ride home. Edible has a fun bread pudding recipe on their site using leftover apple cider donuts. Sounds yum but who ever has any leftover? Maybe I’ll give it a try next week. Get the recipe:

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  1. I lived in San Francisco for 7 years now, and during Fall I always think of how I use to go apple picking. My last memory of it involves buying apple cider donuts in a big red barn. They were so warm and moist, it was heaven.


  2. I used to work in the Russell Orchard bakery, so I can only stand about one cider donut a year, but man are they tasty. And hey, that’s my friend Pam (the bakery manager) holding the donut stick! in the fourth picture. Thanks for highlighting this! It makes my small-town heart swell with pride. :)


  3. Oh I miss this place so much. Those apple cider donuts are the BEST. We picked up a bag (along with cider) before heading to Crane Beach down the road. Yum!


  4. very rarely do they make it out of the parking lot never mind home all the way to rockport ! i would have to put them in the truck to achieve this miracle.


  5. I’m really enjoying your blog… happened upon it last spring. I’m Ipswich born and bred — went to school with the Russell kids — have family in Marblehead and am now in Seattle… Keep up the great blogging about all things house and new englandy…


  6. Yes oh yes. Cider donuts are one of the BIG things that I miss about fall in New England. My favorites are from Atkins Farms in Amherst, MA. I like them plain or cinnamon-sugar’d with a big cup of creamy coffee. So so good.