Windsor Chairmakers in Lincolnville, Maine

Table & Chairs at Windsor Chairmakers in Maine

Tiger Maple High Boy at Windsor Chairmakers

One of my favorite stops on our Maine road trip was Windsor Chairmakers located in Lincolnville, Maine. Beautiful handcrafted furniture made one at time. Tour an entire house filled with windsor chairs, tables, dressers, and highboys. The pictures just don’t do them justice. Every piece is jaw dropping gorgeous representing stunning examples of wood. My favorite was anything with Tiger Maple. Above a photo of a dining table paired with windsor chairs and a highboy displaying an amazing example of Tiger Maple wood.

Shaker Style Bench at Windsor Chairmakers

Shaker Style Stools at Windsor Chairmakers

In the back part of the main house is a whole gallery dedicated to Shaker style furniture. Chairs, benches, and stools glowed on the gallery floor. I was dreaming of where I could fit such a gorgeous bench in my house. A shot of a group of stools perfect for a kitchen island or a desk.
Chairmaker at Windsor Chairmakers in Maine

Chair in workshop at Windsor Chairmakers in Maine

Workshop at Windsor Chairmakers

After you walk through the main house you’re invited to the workshop on the back of the property. The workshop was huge and so clean! I could probably make some pretty cool things in there. (I made a small table once!) I meet with the chief chairmaker who happen to be the nicest guy in the world. He showed me some chairs he was working on for a customer. Could he make me something?

All the furniture made by Windsor Chairmakers can be customized. While I wandered through the galleries that morning I had thoughts of a tiger maple table with queen anne legs in my head. Similar to the photo at the very top of the post. How cool would it be to know the person who actually made my table?

Check out the site for full ordering info:

Windsor Chairmakers
Rt 1
Lincolnville, Maine (just north of Camden)
(800) 789-5188

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  1. Katy, Oh I love the furniture! I hope you didn't get the wrong message from my post. :) I know this would be quality furniture–something to keep in the family for generations. I just wish I could afford it! I actually know a family that has the entire dining room table and chairs, handmade by this company. They are gorgeous! (Just not in my budget yet) :)


  2. marblheadforever the pieces are pricey because they are all handmade to order. I made a small table in college using maple and the wood alone cost me $300. Did I mention it's only a foot off the ground?

    I found great benches for around $1,300 and stools for $300 at Windsor Chairmakers. The pieces are heirloom quality meant to last for generations.


  3. Katy, I love this furniture, and it would be an awesome piece to keep in the family. I went to the website though, and the table I need is over 7,000 and each chair 800. I love the child's rocker (850) and the writing desk (12,500). Awww….I wish I had that kind of money. :)


  4. Oooh .. I am so jealous. I love chairs. One of my dream alternate careers is learning how to make traditional furniture.

    One of these days, I am going to order the kit for a Shaker bench from the Shaker Workshop and build it myself!