Smitten in Wiscasset, Maine & Paulette Rollo Blankets

Smitten in Wiscasset, MaineAn adorable little store located in the center of Wiscasset on Rt 1. Modern accessories and textiles are grouped together according to color. As soon as I walked into the store I went straight for the gorgeous yellow plaid blanket on the bed. Some of you may know I have a plaid blanket obsession! The colors were totally interesting and different. When I checked out the tag I saw they were designed by Paulette Rollo. How did I not know of this deliciousness? Even better? Paulette’s site has even more lovely patterns and blankets. I’m sensing I may need to have one.

Below a photo of the blanket that stole my heart alongside some cutie dot sheets from Plover Organic. A stack of Hable Construction pillows are nestled together with some Paulette Rollo favorites. When I was cruising the web for more info on the store I came across the blog Swallowfield featuring some lovely photos from inside Smitten. If your in town take a walk up the street to Rock, Paper, Scissors the owner’s Paper store!

RT 1
Wiscasset, Maine
(207) 882-9991

Blankets & Pillows at Smitten

Paulette Rollo Blanket spotted at Smitten

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  1. katy,

    have been following your work and blog for years. . . planning a maine road trip (short one!) in late september from nyc. won’t be able to get too far up. can you suggest a general itinerary?



  2. met a woman in NJ who was wearing multiple skinny bangle bracelets (20+) gunmetal & flexible – industrial looking material – very sharp – said they came from Smitten. Do you know who the artist is – would love to find out more about their work.


  3. I work at smitten, my step-sister owns the stores and I'd just like to thank you for the wonderful post. And for the pic on your flickr site that has my pup sitting outside on the landing. Great shots and a lovely post.


  4. hi! i like your blog so much. glad you had a nice trip to smitten – my favorite store ever!


  5. That is a lovely vingette of soft colors and textures in the blankets.


  6. I really like those spotted sheets too . . . did you get a peek at who makes them?