Salem Garden Club Tour

Garden On Salem Garden Club Tour

On Sunday, I checked out Salem’s Garden Club tour. Twisting paths laid in brick and natural stone wound through seas of perennials gardens. Layers of hostas, ferns, and bleeding hearts found in the shade seduced me further. The scenes had me dreaming of turning our driveway and patio into one big garden!

The photos below are great inspiration shots for any garden. A pink house adorned with a white picket fence lead into a brick patio. Along the backside of the patio a trellis fence with an apple tree fashioned to climb. Fountains and hostas gave me ideas for the shaded spaces on my patio. See more photos from the tour over here.

Salem Garden Tour

Trellis Fence @ Salem Garden Tour

Fountain @ Salem Garden Tour

Grey Stones Along Street in Salem, MA

Garden in McIntire District of Salem, Ma

Garden Path on Salem Garden Club Tour

Boxwood along brick path@ Salem Garden Tour

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