Road Trip To Maine

Antique Map of Maine from Grace Galleries

A map of Maine from 1865 courtesy of Grace Galleries.

Next week I’m taking a little vacation. My mom and I are taking a road trip up the Maine coast to Bar Harbor. My family is from Maine (my mom lives in Portland) but it’s been years since I spent time exploring all the little towns and harbors. I’m gathering a list this week of stores, towns, and artists to visit. Do you have a great insider tip you would like to share? A favorite campground, park, farm, or antique store? We are trying to do the trip on the cheap so any budget tips would be appreciated! I’m trying to figure out all the logistics so I can blog the trip. Send me an e-mail ( or leave a comment below. I hope I have nice weather!

p.s. we are following the coastline up to Bar Harbor. Below a few related Maine links. Fun places to go I’ve already blogged about.

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  1. Inspired by this blog and Wary Meyers, we drove from New York to Portland, Me., for the week of July 4th.

    I am sure we didn't find anything you don't already know about, but we enjoyed breakfast at the Good Egg and wandering the West End and the hill with the light house and art school on the East side. Also we liked the clothing store Rogue's Gallery in Portland (Katy, they have the APC Madras dress you've been admiring) and Old House Parts in Kennebunk.

    We also stopped in Lowell, Mass., on the way up and saw power looms from 1910 in operation. That was enlightening.



  2. I have never been but have heard that Primo Restaurant in Rockland is a must-stop. Everyone who works there must also log time in the garden…


  3. Gouldsboro, ME is about 40 Miles north of Bar Harbor, so this might not be an option for you, but I thought I'd mention Lee Fusion Art Glass Studio. They create tableware that is made from two pieces of window glass fused together, in a kiln. Ground enamels are placed between the glass in various patterns. My favorite pieces are based on crochet doilies. I've never seen anything like it. I purchased a red doily serving dish when we were there in 2004 and use it most often during the winter holidays. Love your blog. Check it every day.


  4. You should check out Four Season Farm in Harborside, it's near Blue Hill. It's a small organic farm owned and run by Elliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch. They both have written literature about organic gardening and their farm is something to behold. They have a farm stand on the farm where you can buy their amazing vegetables. It's kind of out of the way but way worth the trip. Also, if you wannt to try some awesome ice cream check out Dorman's Dairy Dream. It's on route 1 on the border of Rockland and Thomaston. It's this small ice cream shop run by, I think a family whom are very religious. Anyways, it's worth the stop if not only for the ice cream but also the people and space. Happy travels!!!


  5. Sounds like fun! We took a road trip thru Maine last summer! I was incredibly happy when we found Zoot Coffee in Camden. The coffee was really good and strong-and they had amazing homemade desserts! I really wanted to go to the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts but we didn't have time. I have always wanted to take a class there! Look forward to hearing about your travels!


  6. We took a trip to the south-central Maine coast last September and I recorded some of my favorite places in my journal. If you pass through Brunswick on your way north, a stop at the Wild Oats Bakery and Cafe is definitely worth it, even if it's just for a few of their delicious cookies or other baked goods for later. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is pretty great to see and you can go to the top of the light, unlike most lighthouses. There are picnic tables with an ocean view where you can enjoy some of those cookies you got at Wild Oats (there is an art gallery, and restrooms, on site as well)! I agree with Chelsea, Wiscasset is a lovely town with some sweet little shops (I loved "In the Clover" for great soaps and candles); Daramiscotta is another very charming little town (the Maine Coast Book Shop & Cafe there was excellent). G.F. Macgregor Home Decor and Design in Rockland was another great shop, and the Farnsworth Art Museum there has a wonderful gift shop even if you don't have time for the museum. Camden – you've got to stop there, too. Such a charming picture perfect town and "tall ships" in the harbor and numerous shops, though parking can be a problem in the summer I'm told. That's as far north as we got, but you will likely go through some of these places along the way north. I believe most of the places I listed have websites, too, if you want to check them out! Have a great trip. Wish we were back there again…


  7. I love the Maine diner in Saco – yes, it's super touristy and full of the summer crowd, but they serve diner fare with a decidedly Maine twist and it's a fun place to grab a bite.


  8. You must stop in at Alewives Fabrics in Damariscotta Mills. You will love this fabric store and if it's a warm day there is a great swimming hole just up the street. You could also have a quick burrito at Paco's Taco in downtown Damaricotta after checking out Kindred – a new shop full of hip handmade creations from the area.


  9. How absolutely lovely! I would love to return to Maine – haven't been there since 1996.


  10. For the best popovers anywhere, I suggest stopping by Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park… also, right from there are a dozen gorgeous trails (a walk in the park to steep rocky climbs) if you're interested in that sort of thing. My personal favorite up there is called the Beehive trail… lots of ladders, rock climbing, beautiful views and adventure. Also, for the most delicious lobster on all of Mount Desert Island, check out Beal's in Southwest Harbor… it's a bit out of the way, but it's a very traditional local lobster shack, and the seagulls there are always very friendly and hungry. =]

    By the way, I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and it makes me smile and inspired every day. Thank you!


  11. I love the "Cherished Home" in Belfast. I know that is a little further north than you have planned to travel but it is right on Rt 1 and is owned by Genie Francis of "General Hospital" fame. It is a gorgeous collection of fabulous things for your home. Also Belfast is a great little town for the art lover -we have an art walk every Friday night.

    Check out my blog for another fun way to spend a Friday night- The Summit at Point Lookout on Rt 1 in Northport. Happy hour from 5-7pm on Fridays! Fabulous view!!! Have a great trip. Can't wait to read your reports!!


  12. Shaw's Fish and Lobster Wharf in New Harbor is my very very favorite place to eat. Nothing fancy at all, but totally Maine :)


  13. Oh!

    We are also camping at the Seawall Campground in Acadia.. we will have an oceanfront spot for between $14-20 a night.


  14. I lived in Bangor for two years and the drive to Bar Harbor is my favorite! My boyfriend took me whale watching (I'm a whale nut) for my birthday in October off Bar Harbor and the leaves were just to die for. Cadillac Mountain is a must when you're there… the view from the top actually looks a lot like Greece with all of the little islands scattered about. There are some great restaurants out there, but this time of year they're not the cheapest. My favorite things to do are just walk along the harbors and see all of the boats and take a beautiful drive along route three! Those are free!


  15. oooh! Any way you can post the list?

    I am a longtime reader and am also going from Kennebunkport to Portland to Bar Harbor next week!

    Here's what I'm most looking forward to (in Kennebunkport):


  16. My favorite little towns are Wiscasset and Blue Hill. Not sure those are on your route but if they are, be sure to stop. You'd love them!! Eek! I am totally jealous but can't wait to see pics.


  17. My parents have a place in Kennebunk and we're actually getting married there on Sept 5 of this year. In our search to find rooms for everyone, we noticed that a beautiful hotel on the beach in Kennebunk is "on sale." Rooms that are normally $300+ are $150. If you are interesting in visiting Kennebunk, check out The Beach House. Favorite antique store in the area – Antiques on 9. Also check out Big Fish for dinner. Excellent food!