Moody’s Diner: Waldoboro, Maine

Moody's Diner

I’m back from my road trip to Maine. Stay tuned for photos from Wiscasset, Camden, Acadia National Park, my grandmother’s whoopie pies, and few other fun stops.

Above and below photos from Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro, Maine. Moody’s has been around for 80 years. Open late to serve tourists making the long trek up Rt 1. Generations of families make the pit stop to fill up on regulars like Roast Turkey on a homemade biscuit and Walnut Pie. I got a slice of blueberry! I love the shot I got of the old guys sitting at the counter below.

Moody’s Diner
US Rt 1
Waldoboro, Maine
(207) 832-7785

Old Guys at Moody's Diner in Maine

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  1. Finally checked out “Moody’s” which I remember hearing about in a Tim Sample recording. My husband & I have moved to Fairfield, ME and wondered if you have coupons for the cabins?

    It looks like a great place to spend a week-end get away.

    Sincerely, Greg & Diane York {Formerly Virginians}Roanoke,VA.


  2. great shot of the old men! – as a native new englander your last few posts have been a great visual trip! and it looks like you had a lot of fun. thanks


  3. The photo of the men in the diner is priceless. I would love to have it enlarged, framed and hung over my kitchen table. Fabulous shot.