Wingbud Wallpaper

Gorgeous new wallpaper by Swedish designer Lena Hautoniemi. Muted shades and swirly lines feel romantic and tranquil. Above another interior with brown/gray painted wood paired with a green wallpaper. So pretty. View more wallpapers and designs at Wingbud Wallpaper.

(discovered via design*sponge)

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  1. hi, i'm new to blogging, and i just discovered your blog — so inspiring..! i have been lusting after wallpaper for a while myself…. in fact, i just wrote a little post about wallpaper (and wish i'd had your blog as a resource…!)

    anyway, you've probably seen it already, and it may be too modern for your space, but the more muted colors on the trove line are beautiful. (and it sounds like you've settled on stamps, but…

    anyway. so glad i found your blog!



  2. wow, i just did a post on swedish design and wish i would have included this. these are beautiful!


  3. LOVE that last one. It's so romantic and girly without being over the top. WANT!