Putty Grey Painted Mantels

I spotted the above mantel on Abbey’s blog. I immediately thought, maybe I should paint some of my woodwork a putty gray? The shot is so similar to some of the woodwork found in my house. The colors remind me of the favorite new earthy hued home from British Country Living. Lots of ideas!

Another gray painted mantel from British County Living.

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  1. I think the grey is BEAUTIFUL but I agree with bri that it really depends on your light in that room (which is BEAUTIFUL) — I think you have my dream house! xo, Abbey


  2. I like the first one, but I think you'd find it was a weird color when you were actually living with it. Colors that are that indecisive tend to change a lot between sunlight, lamplight, etc.


  3. Very exciting. Maybe try out some shades from Farrow & Ball and see what you like best. They are all natural and date from the 1820s, so very soft and appropriate to the house. Every color they make is available in a sample pot for about $4 or so. You can order over the phone from the Soho retail store or, if you have a tax id number, from the store in the Design (D&D) Building in New York. (I have no connection to F&B but have used their paints and for old houses I prefer them to Benjamin Moore, which would be my first choice for new houses.)