Plain English Kitchens

I love a simple kitchen in creamy whites and grays. To me a kitchen should be utilitarian. I love walking into a airy kitchen that is organized and clean. I would take any of these dream kitchens designed by Plain English Cupboardmakers. Totally gorgeous and perfect.

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  1. I knew we were on the same page when I first saw your website – I just didn’t realise how much until I saw this page. My wife and I are retoring an 1890’s terrace house (aka row house) in Sydney, Australia and I gave our architect one single picture to express the feel we wanted for our whole house. I had ripped it from a magazine and had no idea of the source until just now – it turns out to be a design by Plain English Kitchens! (not sure I relate to calling it a fancy girl kitchen though – makes me feel a bit, er, unmanly…)


  2. If you want to have this kind of kitchen, be sure you find a cabinetmaker who can build “face-frame” constructed cabinets. Here in New Zealand, the standard construction is for the doors and drawers to overlap the frames, so you get a seamless look. (Here they usually call it “Euro” style.) Look at the photos and you’ll see that the end of the frames are visible in between the drawers and doors. Another detail to look out for it that nickel was the standard finish for metalware in kitchens in old houses. Nickel has a richer, deeper colour than chrome. If you can’t source nickel components, buy solid brass and have them nickel finished by an electroplater.


  3. Very pretty. I agree with you about utilitarian kitchens. They don't get old.


  4. Oh! Love those little star cut-outs! *ponders attacking ugly kitchen cabinets with Dremel tool…*


  5. Gorgeous! I love the cutouts on the cupboards in the 3rd picture and the overall look of the first! I'm going to have to put both in my inspiration folder. Thanks!