Green & Gray Fabrics

Zimmans in Lynn, MA

Signing off for the weekend. I really want to pick some strawberries this weekend for jam. Not sure if they are ready or if they will be good with all the rain we’ve gotten?

Below some fabric I spotted this week at Zimmans in Lynn, MA. I’m really digging gray and green tones. I was totally in love with the pink and green stripe but it’s silk. It might be too fancy in my house as curtains? I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was cotton. Have a nice weekend!

gray and green check & stripe fabric

silk stripe fabric

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  1. I love the green and pink fabric! its exactly what I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately I am not from the area, do you know the brand of the silk so I could perhaps buy it online?


  2. Zimmans is an amazing and overwheliming place. It has been a few years since I've been there but I'll never forget it!

    Tricia – Avolli


  3. I love the green/pink stripe you're talking about. If you think it's too posh for curtains, perhaps you could make a couple of big squooshy floor cushions with it instead?


  4. I have been dying to check out Zimmans some time. My favorite local store is the Franklin Mill Store, but I hear from a friend in Swampscott that Zimman is pretty fantastic. I really like that grey plaid. Oh, and I think if you wait for one sunny day (hopefully tomorrow), there will be lots of ripe berries the day after. We have a strawberry patch at home and it is amazing how one day of sunshine ripens up so many berries.




  5. No, Iike the stripe in the 2nd photo for curtains! My old bus. partner had those in her house and it was amazing!!