Gardening In Late June After Rain

Front Door with Pots

It’s rain here nonstop for 7 days. Everything is green, wet, and damp. My garden has grown a lot over the week. My tomato plants have finally taken and are growing nicely. I ended up with 12 plants in the ground. Three I had in containers which I suddenly decided this morning would do better in the ground. Now the pots are sitting next to my front step waiting for some annuals.

I love watching the garden grow but I am realizing I’m a bit of anal retentive gardener. I think everything is a mess. I can’t handle all the little plants. It’s seems unorganized and dirty. Thinking about it at my computer makes me squish my face between my brows. A grimace that has caused me early wrinkles.

Most mornings you’ll find me standing on the sidewalk just staring at the plants. In my mind I’m reorganizing all the plants. Placing the Lilies further back and Sedum in the front. I hate that the front part of the garden has too much purple and the leaves are too similar. The back side has a strange height issue. I wonder about tree peonies and how I need to remember to put in Delphinium and Cone Flowers next spring. I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Has a gardener been born or have I found a new hobby to obsess over?

Side Garden Late June

Tomato Plants Late June

Garden Late June

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  1. I relate to the feeling of wanting to move everything in the garden – just staring at it, and then thinking about it – and then wishing I had more time to DO IT ;) But it's true that a shovel works wonders on many plants, and can provide that need-to-move-it relief. Most plants survive a finicky gardener – just don't move them while they are in bloom. Cheers to a weekend ahead of gardening!


  2. When I saw the photos tonight I was amazed at how fast it has filled in and how great it looks! I remember feeling the same way about my first garden but that all changed when I discovered how easy it was to move plants around…I would just lift the offending plant out with a shovel and move it around until I found a better placement. It is hard to judge how things will look when they are underdeveloped.


  3. oh, i think it's lovely! really, especially compared to what it was before. you have done so much work and it looks fantastic.


  4. I love your garden! Seriously, I think it's beautiful as-is – and you'd probably be completely horrified to see what my landlord considers to be a "garden" in front of my apartment building. Your garden is a complete eden compared to my urban nightmare. I can't wait until I have my own house – a beautiful kitchen and my own garden are at the top of my list!


  5. I definitely think gardening is trial-and-error. For one thing, plants never quite do in the ground what I envision them doing in my head.

    I think your garden looks great — just the right amount of messy.