4th of July Decorating Crafts from Martha Stewart

Fourth of July DIY Stars

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday after Halloween. Living in an historic New England town is the perfect place to spend the holiday. I’m kinda bummed our house isn’t as far as long as I hoped. I really wanted to have a big 4th of July bash in our backyard. Maybe next year? If I was having a big party I would make some of these diy crafts from Martha Stewart. Check out related links for more 4th of July party ideas.

Fourth of July Napkin Crafts

origami paper napkin rings and votive holders

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  1. hello Katy.

    i sarched "stripe" on the internet, and found your blog.
    im Ai. im living in Tokyo and im studing grafic design.
    actually im a web designer now but i had never studied desing at school.
    i read that you studied design and pattern and you like stripe.

    Me Too!

    so i think i can enjoy to read your blog!
    if i can anderstand English ..haha!
    but ill try! try to read your blog.

    ganbatte ne.
    good luck.



  2. As a former Marbleheader, I remember the big fourth of July parade – always on the first weekend that my kids were officially out of school. Enjoy Katie! (I miss the patriotic/historic Marblehead!) Hopefully you won't be traveling, and get to experience your first fourth in town. By the way, you have such cute ideas and come up with great decorating and entertaining tips. Thanks! If you decided to have a small party, I'm sure your guests would understand that your home is a "work in progress" and probably enjoy seeing the progress you have made. Don't let that hold you back from enjoying this fun, yet meaningful holiday with friends. :)