Shopping for Perennials

Alcea rosea Appleblossom‘, total in love with these pink beauties.

I’m excited for plant sales sponsored by local garden clubs this weekend. Does anyone know any websites with great flower photos so that I can investigate more plants? I can’t remember the names of some of the plants I want. White Flower Farm has nice big pictures which I love. A few of my new favorites above and below. I’m also thinking about lace cap hydrangeas, climbing hydrangeas, pink poppies, and lavender. Enjoy the weekend!

Astilbe x arendsii Bridal Veil‘ a plant I have alway admired. Love the green leaves against the white.

Syringa Bloomerang‘ a dwarf lilac that reblooms.

Old-time Peonies. I already have one but I think I want another in a slightly different shade.

Sedum Vera Jameson‘, love this variety. The purply green leaves are gorgeous.

Phlox paniculata Bright Eyes‘, I love Phlox. One local reader told me it doesn’t do so well around here. I’ll try anyway and see.

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  1. Hello.Try ,they have lifetime warranty on their stuff.If you want seeds look on have wide selection .Good luck to you.


  2. Wow thanks everyone for the great tips. SongSparrow has beautiful Tree Peonies that I totally love. I'll show pictures of my progress on Monday.


  3. Peonies!!!! YES! So gratifying…the smell, and there are always enough to clip and bring inside, and I don't even mind the ants as long as they are on the peonies….my all time favorites.


  4. Try looking at,, and they have some great pictures and advice and should be a good start. All the gardening sales are beginning to start!


  5. Phlox has become my favorite over the years- they just get better and better- the blooms last forever, too- I just love them. Peonies are another winner- their aroma is just amazing.


  6. Gorgeous! You're driving me insane with all these gardening posts. But don't stop. I love it all.

    Have a great weekend!