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I was feeling kinda bored today and not really finding anything I felt inspired enough to post. It seems even if its late in the day I always seem to find something. Check out this interactive feature on the featuring reader’s polaroid submissions. The article accompanying the images questions the fall of the polaroid camera. Online I know there are thousands of you who love the saturated and surprising images that appear in polaroids. A few of my favorite submissions below. Read more and check out the images:

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  1. I really hope those guys are successful with getting Polaroid film (and cameras) going again. I miss them. even with digital. I carried a little polaroid camera to Peru to take pictures of the kids and give to them. The moms would come running over to get a picture of their babies. You can't do that with digital. But when I got home, there was no more film to be found. the world has lost a little joy.