Press Release: Marblehead Art Walk

marblehead art walk 2009

I’m getting ready for tonight. I just started my second batch of sweets! Come to see my photographs and try a cookie too.

Foodie’s Feast

114 Washington Street

Marblehead, MA

(781) 639-1104

Opening: May 1, 2009 6-8pm

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Google Maps: Directions

Getting Ready For Marblehead’s Art Walk!

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marblehead art walk 2009

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  1. Haha- I'm just permanently in edit mode.

    It is funny how words that we use often are the last we think to spell check… yesterday I was in Starbuck's, and guess what they spelled wrong on their chalkboard: oh yes, it said "Strabuck's." Hee hee.

    Anyway- hope you enjoyed it. Our artsy events in Seattle won't start until the weather improves!


  2. You are right…but I didn't make it. Let me check my e-mail to see if I was forwarded a revised version. You have a good eye!


  3. Okay… this is terrible, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but…

    Isn't Marblehead spelled incorrectly? Is it missing its "L"? :(

    Otherwise- completely adorable and sounds like so much fun!