Outdoor Furniture I Can Afford

pier one: wirey outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture from Pier 1, prices range from $69-$200, pier1.com.

I’m started researching furniture for my patio but was quickly overwhelmed. So many different styles and such a huge price range. My first love was a few pieces I spotted at Marston & Langinger—swirly wirey outdoor designs. I may have *loved* every piece but I couldn’t even afford a cushion. I saw a few antique versions at Todd Farm (local flemarket) that were similar. Most of the pieces needed a good scraping a new coat a paint. Totally dueable. I just have to keep searching…Last night I searched a little online and came up with these selections. I have to say my favorites are from Pier 1 (above). Who knew? A tip that came from my sister. Below a few more pieces that caught my eye from twirly french styles to more modern interpretations.

kmart outdoor collection

Martha Stewart Everyday Aberdeen, prices range $100-$149, kmart.com.

target outdoor furniture

Target folding cafe chair and bench, $99-$269, target.com.

shoestring home: outdoor chairs

Biscayne Chair Wire Chair, available in green, silver and blue, $240 each, shoestringhome.com.

cb2 outdoor furniture

Stackable and foldable powder coated chairs & table, $69-$169, cb2.com.

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  1. I will not move until it involves an outdoor situation even only slightly larger than my fire escape. Those Pier 1 offerings are seriously charming and off-kilter.


  2. I bought the green Pier 1 table, chairs and plant stand a couple of days ago. The salesperson told me that the table is going on sale tomorrow, actually. Very cute, and sturdy too! I'm going to make some gingham cushions for the chairs….


  3. The white table and chair were on clearance at my local Pier 1 today, so they should be on sale at all the stores. It is super cute but I already have more outdoor furniture than I have room for!


  4. I am not usually a fan of product round-ups but for some reason I always pay attention to yours. I guess because you have good taste and they are to the point! Love all this furniture.