English Cottage Garden Inspiration

Miss Thrifty

I’ve been on a bit of search for cottage garden inspiration. Many of the images I’ve found are in books or magazines. My scanner is on the fritz which makes it hard to share. I discovered a group on flickr called, Cottage Gardens. Hundred of photos depicting quintessential English style gardening: wild untamed garden beds filled with layers upon layers of color. Someday I wish my gardens will be this beautiful.

Chezmundo’s photostream

UGArdener’s photostream

UGArdener’s photostream

devonpaul’s photostream

lpbascom’s photostream

Queen_Pigletta’s photostream

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  1. I am so glad to see this. My parents where avid Gardeners, everyting I know I owe to them.
    Such beautiful finds.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. these are absolutely beautiful–magical! i feel like british things have been all over the place lately and i'm loving it. dreaming many a trip to the countryside whilst i work the day away. . . .


  3. Wow – I would love to live in any of those homes – especially the last one – amazing!


  4. I think the bottom photo by Queen Pigletta is very reminiscent of your garden, narrow and close to the road, looks like there may be a lot of phlox in various colors…getting those different levels of blooms makes it look nice and full….so cozy!


  5. These are soooo very beautiful! I LOVE English cottages so very much, but after living in Sweden for a year I am madly in love with their windmill houses, classic red Swedish houses and their garden allotment houses. Amazing! (Seee blog for photos of some)