Weekly Round Up: April 25, 2009

weekly round up: april 25, 2009

I kinda like doing my weekly round ups on Saturday. I can’t wait to get outside. First, I am refueling with some coffee, french toast, and enertaining myself with some silly cat videos. Seriously, who doesn’t think cats are hilarous? I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. Have a nice weekend. Below a round up of this week’s post broken up into suitable categories.

p.s. to check out last week’s round up click here.

Affordable Artwork: Constellation Needlework and Secret Garden Painting.

Fashion: Applique Grocery Tote.

Flowers: Magnolia Tree & Twitpic, Daffodils In The Neighbor’s Yard,
and Cherry Blossoms and Earth Day.
Furniture: Tufted Furniture Inspiration.

Garden: Tomato Plants Update,
Flora Grubb & Succulent Wall & Wreath, and House Renovation: Granite Pavers For Garden Border.

House Renovation: Found Objects: Bones In Basement.

Interiors: Hotel J: Stripe Dining Chairs, White Sheets and Blue Curtains, J. Morgan Puett: Chicken Coop, and Darryl Carter: 19th Century Virginia Farmhouse.

Sweets: Recipe: Banana Chocolate Chip Quick Bread.

Photography: Janne Peters: Photographer and Michael Piazza & edible Boston.

Textiles: Ikea Susanna Fabric as Quilt Inspiration, Melin Tregwynt: Pillows & Throws, and Stripe & Check Fabric.

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