Weekly Round Up: April 17, 2009

weekly round up: april 17, 2009

I haven’t written a real round up in weeks. I was missing them. I hope everyone is out enjoying the nice weather. The warm wind blowing into my house is beyond heavenly. Fyi my new etsy shop is fully stocked with New England photographs. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out click here. Below a list of this week’s posts broken up into suitable categories. Enjoy!

Artist: Elizabeth Cummings

Accessories: Shoestring Home

Affordable Art: Affordable Vintage Illustrations, Winter Beach Photos, 3191 Mornings & Evenings Posters, New! Wayne Pate Print, and My New Etsy Shop.

Bathrooms: Traditional Bathroom Inspiration

Fashion: Diner Tote Bag

Furniture: Woven Outdoor Chairs, Trestle Tables, and Half Moon Nesting Tables.

Holiday: Egg Dying Photos

Inspiration: Vintage French Textbook Illustrations

Pillows: Thomas Paul: New Nautical Pillows

Textiles: Hand Embroidery and Galbraith & Paul: Curtain Fabric.

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  1. I've been looking for wire baskets like the ones you found for ages! Thank you, my search is finally over :)


  2. Everything looks gorgeous pulled together in this collage. Isn't it always nice to see that your taste is coherent? I feel very reassured when I have a consistent style – makes me more confident in my purchases!