Vintage Floral Wallpaper in Bedrooms

vintage floral wallpaper

All this hot weather has made all the flowers bloom here in New England. My spirits are brightened and I suddenly have so much energy. Last night Greg and I contemplated a move to Southern California. The warm weather just makes us so happy!

Maybe if I can’t move to California just yet I could cover my walls with floral wallpaper. Check out these beautiful photos by Wai Lin Tse. Don’t they just lift your spirits? I love the layering of colors and prints. Vintage at it’s best.

(discovered via bliss)

vintage floral wallpaper in bedrooms

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  1. oooo love these prints, something so nice about vintage, modern wallpaper with a vintage feel is just not the same. I love the top image the yellow is so cheery would brighten up even the smallest room.


  2. Yes – we contemplated and the weather was a factor, but so were the prospects of better Mexican Food.


  3. I've had these images in my files for a while and just love them. I'm so amazed at how well they mixed the colors and patterns in these rooms. They're so inspirational!