Tufted Furniture Inspiration

suzy hoodless: tufted furniture inspiration

I love anything tufted. I don’t what it is about it. A slouchy sofa and blah fabric can suddenly get elevated to awesomeness? Above a few images from designer Suzy Hoodless’s portfolio. I covet the purple ottoman in the above right photo. Below are few rooms from the 2009 Kips Bay decorator show house . Tufted chaises and a lavender tufted bed are completely gorgeous.

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  1. oooh tufting! I agree. I think a room should have one tufted thing.in the same way that a room should have one red thing. or one bamboo thing (my other obsession). I love the way that tufting can add texture and visual interest. My latest hunt is to find one for our living room. I think it will be the perfect piece of furniture to anchor our oddly shaped room and will provide an ideal climbing surface for our toddler.


  2. So.. I am kind of obsessed with your blog lately:) love tufts. but I think really like these photos because they only have one (or 2) pieces of tufted furniture. more would be too much? i don't know. i love the tufted couch on your sidebar too. it's perfection.


  3. are you serious…i just did a post with a sofa i am redoing and i was asking for advice on tuff or no tuffs…most said no tuffs..but i wanted to look at some and bammm there you posted them! take a look and tell me what you think.


  4. I love tufts like these – they look like demented marshmallows.

    (I think I will use Demented Marshmallows as the name of the avant garde art collective I plan to found someday when I am cooler.)