Traditional Bathroom Inspiration

An old tub paired with modern shower fixtures and subway tiles might be a good fit.

First off, let me be honest and say I am really bad at remembering the sources for interiors I find. I seem to “save to desktop” and never rename so I can actual go back to the source. I’ll try to be better. If you know the source please leave a comment below.

We are working on framing out our bathroom on the first floor this weekend. It’s been gutted for months. We didn’t have any heat in that area of the house so progress was slowed down to a hault.

I need to really start thinking about what I want the bathroom to look like. The shape is pretty simple; long rectangle. All the plumbing is staying in the same place expect for a flip flop of the shower and tub plumbing. I do need to decide on a stall or tub for the space? I love the look of a glass stall; clean and modern. But is it too modern? Hmm decisions.

Need more bathroom inspiration? Check out my bathroom gallery of images.

Love the stall/tub combo and the tiles turned on the vertical

Handsome bathroom with paneling. Not right for my house but gorgeous.

I love the marble tiled floors with grayish cream beaboard.

White subway tiles cover the wall floor to ceiling. A look that never goes out of style.

The space is much larger then mine but I love the stall, tiles, and vanities.

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  1. If you have an old house, if you stick with the neutral and traditional in bathrooms and kitchens, they won't look dated in ten years. Subway tile or beadboard on walls, hex tile on floor, clawfoot tub, and pedestal sink is a traditional look. A separate shower is a 1930s style. Some friends of mine in Brooklyn have all of the above, with subway tile walls, plus a new separate walk-in shower with a half wall in front all done in subway tile, and it looks — surprisingly — totally fantastic.


  2. I'm moving into a house with a traditional bathroom with some contemporary fixtures. I'm at a loss with which way to go, stylistically. I think I am definitely overthinking it. I'll have to share some pictures once we are in.


  3. i want to live in that "handsome bathroom with paneling." these are gorgeous. drool, drool.