Things I Love Today: Kinda Pale and Blue

I have to run for the day. I still need to put together my photographs for my little show. Urg. I ran out of time yesterday. Above and below a few things I am totally in love with right now. Above a charming croft for rent in North West Highlands of Scotland. So dreamy. Love the color palette. Below a gorgeous and affordable egg photograph by Alicia Block. I love any photograph of eggs. And one more fav below. How sweet is a cross stitch monogram pin? Could be cute on a tote or on your shoulder. Just $6 each through Tree Fox. Have a nice day!

p.s. I just revised my post because I couldn’t not include the adorable blue striped dress below. I know chelsea posted it yesterday over at {frolic!} but I just can’t stop thinking about it.

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  1. LOVE that cross stitch pin. I try to be original – but, I am totally going to swipe that for my blog! I have to have one too!


  2. Just love the interior images of the Westh Highland croft…very welcoming and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

    Tricia – Avolli


  3. Good luck with the hanging! I wish Frances May would send you that dress to wear at the opening reception!


  4. I'm hanging my photographs at Foodies this afternoon. I let everyone know all the juicy details tomorrow morning.


  5. Where is your show? I'd love to go. I can;t find anywhere on the site that mentions where it is!