Searching For Outdoor Space Inspiration

back of house

I’ve been searching online this afternoon for outdoor/patio inspiration. Nothing has turned up that really wowed me. My creative juices are not flowing. The above photo is the best shot I have right now of the back space I want to renovate into a patio. On the far right side of the garden railroad ties have been removed and replaced with cobblestones.

I want to recreate some type of patio/bbq area. We thought about outlining our driveway in cobblestones and filling in the rest with pea gravel. I don’t think pea gravel is the best solution but I don’t want to put anything too permanent in. We may end up gutting the back of the house and redesigning. Right now the big redesign just isn’t realistic with our budget. So I need to come up with something that is functional but could be easily moved. The other issue. I have to abide by historic code. No big fences or tall structures. So maybe I’ll do slate slabs on the pea gravel in the patio area? Leave a link below if you know or seen any good inspiration. I was thinking something that felt kinda beachy with herbs and perennials growing around.

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  1. My parents have granite slabs (kinda expensive but you could do the same with slate) with creeping thyme growing in the cracks. I think it has a softer look than stone and smells really good when you walk on it.


  2. Your house is so special!

    I think slate slabs with lots of herbs growing about would be lovely. I like the second to last picture. It looks like a secret patio surrounded with all that lavender (which would give you a little privacy without blowing the historic code on fences).