New Fern!

Plant From Snug Harbor Farm

I’m starting off nice and slow this morning. First, I thought I would share my favorite new plant I scored from Snug Harbor Farm over the weekend. Isn’t it gorgeous? I can’t stop staring at it. I love the combination of all the different ferns.

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  1. Asplenium 'Austral Gem' is the fern on top with selaginella underplanting.


  2. i think the top fern is Selaginella pallescens (Arborvitae Fern)

    and the bottom fern is Selaginella kraussiana (Golden Club Moss) or Selaginella uncinata (peacock spikemoss)

    just in case someone was wanting to recreate it, sorry for the nerd breakout


  3. It IS a beautiful arrangement. I love ferns. My parents have a cute little bungalow and on the north side of the house is a long, deep row of fern and lily if the valley. In fantasy land I am a pteridologist… lisa


  4. I think it could be irish moss on the bottom and two different ferns on the top. One of leaves has a more traditional look and the other kinda looks like celery.


  5. It's so pretty. Is it irish moss on the bottom AND a fern? I love the green!