House Renovation: Granite Pavers For Garden Border

Granite Pavers So Far

Over the weekend we worked on cleaning up our side garden. An old tree root needed to be dug out, dirt and roots needed to be removed, and old railroad ties had to be pulled out. We dug out about half the length of garden in a day and 1/2. Greg sawed, banged, and eventually used a jack to get out the old tree root that had grown into the foundation. Quite the ordeal. I worked on removing the excess dirt and cleaning out all the small rocks and roots. On Sunday, we headed over to a granite yard and picked out some old granite pavers. Once the railroad ties were removed the granite pavers were pretty easy to put in.

Up next? I need to keep digging out the rest of the garden. The one problem I am running into—where to put the excess dirt? We may use part of it as fill for a planned garden in the back of the property. A neighbor suggested putting up a, “free dirt sign”. I’m sure we will figure something out. I can’t wait to plant some flowers and eventually put in a patio.

p.s. I seem to be the only taking photos this weekend. Below Greg doing everything from digging up tree roots to installing pavers.

p.p.s. we bought the house painted in two colors. This summer the house is getting painted dark gray with black shutters.

Side of house

Greg Getting Tree Root Out

Greg Choosing Pavers

Greg Putting In Granite Pavers

excess dirt

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  1. Katy, Where did you find the wonderful granite yard on the North Shore? Would you share the name and location, please? Thank you.


  2. Need Cobble Stones – call "Biz" in Saugus Ma. 781.389.8297, tell'em GreG sent ya.


  3. I could totally use some of that dirt! Great work – I love the granite pavers. I have a lot of old tree roots to dig up myself – my husband got one out last week and it took up most of the day!


  4. Just like aly, I was wondering about the granite yard. I did the fron of my house very similar to yours, with the granite blocks. We paid per pound, and roughly came out to be $5 per block. (That is why we stopped after just doing the front). What were the prices at the granite yard & where is it?


  5. You're brave and industrious! I would just weep and then faint dead away :)


  6. Looks great Katy. It's so much fun to get your hands in the dirt. Our yard and gardens were a mess when we moved in and I had a great time revamping all of the beds. It's hard work but so rewarding. Keep up the great work!


  7. Great work and hats-off to DIY. Reminds me of our previous house, a 300 year-old MA historic. Always a work in progress… but it's delightful to be stewards of such wonderful structures!


  8. I love hearing about your progress. This makes me crave my own home, instead of renting.