Hable Construction: Garden Hats & Gloves

Hable Construction: Garden Hats

I seem to be on a garden theme this week. Totally not planned but I’ll go with it. If we’re all going to be outside gardening we need to wear cute hats and gloves to protect ourselves. Don’t forget some sunblock too! I’ve searched high and low for garden hats & gloves and I always come back to these. Hable Construction’s garden accessories are totally cute and practical. The brim of the hat is just big enough to provide some shade without being too floppy and ridiculous. I love the grippy side of the garden gloves, so handy. They even have matching garden belts for storing shears. Want to check out more fun garden accessories click here.

Hable Construction: Garden Gloves

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  1. Hi Katy!

    It's Jen from Hable Construction. Just came across your post. Thanks for giving all of these lil' Hable products a nice home on your blog!