Getting Ready For Marblehead’s Art Walk!

Getting Ready For Marblehead Art Walk

This Friday join me at Foodie’s Feast for the opening of Marblehead’s Art Walk. The Art Walk will showcase a number of local artists featuring their work in many of Marblehead’s local businesses. I’ll be at Foodie’s struting my stuff, selling photos, and serving yummy treats and beverages. I was thinking of making rhubard bars, peanut butter whoopie pies, and something else maybe lemoney. Stay tuned for recipes. I will be selling three different size prints at reduced prices for the Art Walk. Come in and buy a print or two. Prices start at just $10. Look forward to seeing everyone. Drop bye and say hello if your in the neighborhood.

Can’t make the show? Buy my photographs on

Foodie’s Feast

114 Washington Street

Marblehead, MA

(781) 639-1104

Opening: May 1, 2009 6-8pm

p.s. I’ve been busy signing photographs and including thank you notes inside the packages. I almost signed, “thank you” as my name. Maybe time to take a break?

Signing and Packaging Photos for Show

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  1. Hi – well done Katy – sounds like everything went well – will sort out to buy a photo or two on Etsy – mind you I wish you could send out the rhubarb bars to the UK!!!!!!!
    Vanessa (UK)


  2. I'm sorry I should have said, photographs not prints. The way I wrote it sounds confusing.

    I made postcards which I am including with each purchase of a photograph. On the back side of the postcards they say, "thanks for buying my photograph…."

    I'm also mailing out the postcards to people locally to announce the show at Foodie's.