Enjoying Spring In New England

Lobster Boat

One last post for the night. I promised myself I have to exercise everyday for 45 minutes. I didn’t feel like going to the gym tonight so I went out for a long walk while the sun was setting and took photos. I tried to walk fast between shots to get my heart rate up. My favorite shot is above. Below some more photos of Marblehead covered in flowers. I am loving New England in the springtime.

Flowering Spring Tree and Little Moon

Washington Street in Marblehead

mugford street magnolia

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  1. i love the incentive of taking pictures as the reason for taking a walk, i do that! and isn't it amazing that after the loooongest winter in the history of the world, we all just forget about it when the flowers and leaves and grass all come back to life? it's like a little trick the earth plays on us to keep us loving her. grrr, i was so mad at minnesota not one month ago, but now that there are flowers and grass and leaves, i am smitten again. good luck on your show tonight, so exciting!


  2. These are so pretty! I'd also love to see some of your photos without the Polaroid filter… I bet the colors would be even more stunning. :-)