Door Sixteen Works on Backyard too!

Door Sixteen a renovation blogger based in Newburg, New York is doing some work on her garden this spring too! Her backyard is much larger then mine. I’m totally digging some of her inspirations shots. She even has a garden plan. Maybe I should draw something out to help me? Below a few drawing of Oscar de la Renta’s garden plans that appeared in domino. Check out her house renovation and garden plans:

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  1. A garden plan sounds like a great idea. I planted some lavender – so excited – yay!


  2. Love both of those gardens! You could definitely do something like that in your space. A plan is definitely the way to go.

    Tricia – Avolli


  3. garden plans are a good idea.

    I worked two summers doing landscaping at a garden estate, and plans are key, because you need a long-term vision of how things are going to grow in and evolve, and a way to break down the budgeting over time. the head-gardener there had a 15 year plan that he was constantly updating and working on. it was pretty awesome.


  4. Katy, check out Linda Yang's book on urban gardening in small spaces – it's incredible and so inspiring. Lots of good resources and ideas – and it applies to country gardening as well :)