Daffodils In The Neighbor’s Yard

daffodils in neighbor's yard

I went for a walk around town. I can report the warm weather has defiantly not arrived. The wind is blowing quite violently, the skies are pretty gray, and I still have on my rain boots and fleece. Where is this 70 degree weather they speak of? Above and below a few snapshots of my neigbor’s front yard. The whole garden is full of blooming daffodils and a few tulips. So cute.

p.s. see more spring photos of marblehead here.

daffodils in neighbor's yard

daffodils at the squash house

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  1. These photos are gorgeous. If it makes you feel better, I'm still wearing layers and wellies, too. ;)


  2. beatiful pictures!! I love your blog! We hit 100 degrees here in Phoenix :( farewell spring…hello early summer


  3. you need to put these up on etsy-love them-esp the first one with the dark barn/sky and bright flowers.