Weekend Sewing Project

Sewing on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon I went out and bought a few yards of inexpensive fabric so I could practice making pillows. My newest creation is below. I am getting the hang of sewing but I’m having problems getting the envelope back to lie flat. I tried sewing the sides of the top flap a bit narrower. I tested different pillows with less loft. This seems to work the best but the pillows feels too flat now. A women at the fabric store suggested I put a piece of velcro on the flap. I don’t really like that idea. Maybe I will forget the envelope back idea and try using a zipper? Hmmm. Greg kept telling me the pillow looked fine and I was being crazy. I just want it to look perfect. SO what if I am a bit obsessive.

Pillow I made on Sunday

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  1. I tried the button on the first pillow I made last week. I didn't really like it. The fabric pulled a bit. I need to figure out a different method for making the top flap. I'll try again this afternoon and post a report.


  2. I love your pillows – they look so lofty and comfy. What about a cute, vintage button?