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I got tagged by the lovely Anne from The City Sage. I was suppose to find one image that summed up my style. I couldn’t pick just one room. I feel like my style has many layers like a yummy cake. So I cheated. But my collage does express my current style. I love pinks, sage greens, some antiques, and some modern pieces. I’m drawn to sumptuous textiles and muted floral prints. The style I have right now fits my house. My house was built in 1750 so I don’t want the space to feel too modern. I call it, New England Bohemian. What’s your style? Join in and share!

All of the images in the collage can be found by clicking on my interiors tag.

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  1. i love the combo of photos – who can sum up their style in just one photo anyway?
    love the mint and pink mix too!


  2. Somehow I knew you'd come up with something this gorgeous! And I love this idea of 'New England Bohemian'! It's SO you and works perfectly with all the images I've seen of your house!

    Thanks for playing along!