Sanna Annukka for Marimekko 2009

I put two and two together last night and realized Sanna Annukka was the designer behind the lovely new Spring 2009 Marrimekko line (below). I am a huge fan of Sanna Annukka’s work. Her new pieces for Marimekko are so colorful and lively. When I was over checking out Sanna’s site I noticed she had added few new bags and prints to her site (above). She has been one busy girl. Check out the prints and bag above here and the new Marimekko line here.

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  1. Ah! Katy! These are gorgeous. I love the patterns and the color! Thanks for sharing!


  2. The colors are to die for. Luckily, those totes are quite affordable (I adore the prints, but they're out of my budget!!). Thanks for posting about this.