Hutker Architects

I’m leaving in a few minutes to head up to Maine to see my mom. I need to get out the house! I’ll check back with you all later this weekend with my budget living tips and weekly round up.

For now I share with you this adorable cottage designed by Hutker Architects. I love the stairs. So similar to our house. The green and red accents have me thinking about house paint colors. A sage green house with a red door could be beautiful. Have a nice friday.


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  1. I found your blog a week or so ago and have enjoyed going through some of your older posts. I especially like the one on blending colonial and Swedish pieces together (I sent the link to your post to one of my customers). I too thought the stairs were from your home and got so excited for you….you can definitely achieve this look in your home!

    It was exciting to see a post about the Portland Flower Show…it is a small world since I am in the Portland area. Next time you find yourself coming to Maine to see your Mom please stop in for a visit and see some Swedish antiques in person.

    Avolli in Scarborough, Maine


  2. The red rocking chairs. I want to be sitting on one of them with a cup of coffee or herbal tea…


  3. At first glance I thought those pretty stairs were yours! I'm very distressed, your new posts today didn't show up in my google reader. Hmmm, any ideas?


  4. Actually, I love all the prints which they have on their walls – lovely. Have a soothing time with your mum.