Acorn & Will/Fabric Buying Question

I spotted this source in the new issue of British Country Living. Acorn & Will makes all kinds of super cute crafts using vintage fabrics. I love the button covered hair pins above. Below a few of my favorite vintage handmade pillows. The front and back showcase two different coordinating fabrics. Love.

This post brings me to fabric question I’ve been thinking about. As some of you know I’m trying to get a little online store up and running. I have a huge container full of vintage fabric. Would you rather buy vintage fabric as is or have it already made into a pillow? I am getting quite good at the pillow making. But I wonder if people like just buying the fabric. Or maybe I should do both?

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  1. I'd do a little of both and see what you like and what sells. Your blog is lovely and one of my favorites. :)


  2. Tough one. I go for fabric, because I love all the possibilities, but I think a lot of people would appreciate things that are already made because not everyone loves spending time with their sewing machine.


  3. i think do both! i would buy vintage fabric, but i don't need any pillows. someone else would probably want a beautiful pillow all made up.


  4. I'm leaning toward doing both. I think it's a great idea to offer pillows you've made.


  5. good morning Katy, I think you should offer little bundles of vintage fabrics as well as ready made pillows. That way you can cover both bases.