Valentine Treats at The Village Tea Room

The Village Tea Room: Heat Cookies

These delicious looking treats are from The Village Tea Room in New Paltz. New Paltz is a small little hippy town about an hour and 1/2 north of New York City. Agnes Devereux the owner of The Village Tea Room makes these to die for cookies and cupcakes. I wish I lived a little closer so I could eat all of her Valentine treats. She’s also know for her creme puffs if you fancy something totally decadent. Stop by for a cup of tea and a cookie or stay for one of her fabulous dinners. I am salivating for one of those linzer cookies above. For a similar recipe try

The Village Tea Room

10 Plattekill Ave

New Paltz, NY


The Village Tea Room: Cookies
The Village Tea Room: valentine's cupcakes

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  1. i heart the tearoom..of course I'm biased having worked there forever! Don't forget the Chocolate guinness stout cake or the honey bee cake!!


  2. These look amazing! If you want to do a guest post on my blog about this place for my tea of the week feature, let me know!