Liz Jaff: Quilts

I’ve always wanted to make a quilt. My mom is a big time quilter. She’s constantly trying to get me involved with her quilter’s group. I love pattern and color but the old fashioned patterns don’t speak to me as much as abstract versions. I am drawn to the work of Denise Schmidt and the Quilt’s of Gee’s Bend. Maybe it’s the painter in me?

Liz Jaff is an amazing artist who also makes these gorgeous abstract quilts. Each one is a perfect composition. I could just as easily imagine them being made with paper collage or even paint. Love. Found via

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  1. Hi Katy, I'm new to your blog. You are so delightful! I'm trying to get the courage to start one myself. I'm a custom quilter working in Dallas, Texas. I would love to send you some images of my quilts. I love the piece shown above. Quilting is a wonderful and very satisfying art form. It looks as as though you are great at lots of art forms. You're my new daily habit!!

    Shari Lidji, Red Llama Studio


  2. Gee's Bend quilts have been some of the most inspiring images to me for years. It's great to see coverage of a modern quilter along the same lines – no doubt she was inspired by the ladies of Gee's Bend as well…


  3. My mother has been on a quilting kick. She makes them in the old style so I sent her this link. I think these are so fabulous. Nothing better than a wonderful quilt and the abstract ones look very current. Nice post.


  4. Why don't you have your mom make a quilt designed from one of your paintings? If she is a "big-time" quilter then she probably has plenty of fabrics to choose from and to use in an abstract quilt.