Recipe: Linzer and Shortbread Heart Cookies

I made two different versions of heart cookies last night to celebrate Valentine’s day. Above linzer cookies filled with jam and chocolate dipped shortbreads. I was feeling a bit grumpy and the cookies look a bit wonky. No reason to fret because anything made with butter, jam or chocolate is delicious no matter the shape. I love these cookies as gifts or make them for yourself and enjoy! Below snapshots and recipes.

Recipe: Martha Stewart’s Linzer Heart Cookies
Recipe: Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Hearts

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  1. Hi Katie – I made the same cookies i.e. the ones with the jam and cut out hearts, however, most of mine cracked except for 4 which I gave to my mum so I didn't get a pic. I think I rolled them out too thinly. The 'middle' bits i.e. the small hearts made it though and are on my blog :o) Hope you feel better and are having a lovely valentines day x


  2. I'm sorry you have the grumpies! And I love the wonky hearts — the wonkier the better, I say.


  3. Yum. At least you have cookies to cheer you up! I feel you though – cooking when grumpy leads to impatience, which leads to somewhat lumpy products. But yours look beautiful, so I'm not sure how grumpy you really were.


  4. I think the cookies look great. Very folky & rustic. That's what I callit when things aren't perfect;)