A few of my favorite pink rooms

Pink Room

I have a thing for pink. I’ve been in a pink mood with v-day right around the corner. Everything I seem to post seems super girly and pink this week. I thought I would share a few of my favorite pink bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms to add to all the sweetness. Eventually, a small little nook of a room off our living room is going to become pink. Hopefully, my boyfriend won’t protest too much. My first inspiration shot for the room is above. Let me know if you know any great pink rooms by adding a comment below. Enjoy!

Pink Living Room

A room by Steven Gambrel that I have had on my inspiration board forever via domino.

Pink Dining Room

I love this pink dining room accented with gray modeling.

Pink Wall

A pink wall accents a gallery of paintings.

Pink Bedroom

A pink bedroom full of stripes and red accents via domino.

Pink Entryway

A pink entryway doesn’t feel to feminine accented by masculine dark modeling via domino.

Pink Kids' Bedroom

A sweet pink bedroom for little girls via domino.

Pink Office

A pink office gets an added layer of femininity with a girly wallpapered door via domino.

Pink Dining Room

A pink dining room full of colorful and eclectic finds.

A pink bathroom every domino reader loves.

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  1. These are so wonderful! I love that Tenenbaum-ish entryway and the living room with the cabinet of curiosities. So perfect. Luckily I don't have the boyfriend trouble the others have–mine has okayed pink in our new apartment! I'm debating between living room and kitchen right now…


  2. I am late to this post but wanted to tell you -Martha Stewart had a photo spread in one of her magazines (Living, I guess?) in the past year. She has a place in Maine – the name escapes me – and the guest house is decorated in lovely shades of pink. I like pink – and never thought I'd like an entire house done in pink, but it's terrific. You would love it!!


  3. Wow, each of these has at least one thing I love in it! Great use of color in most and the textures are wonderful.


  4. I also love pink but always feel a little scared to use it in my own decorating for fear of it turning out too twee or girly — these all somehow manage [with the exception of the little girl's room] to be classic, quirky, and interesting without being overly-feminine. Love these ideas!!


  5. You chose some wonderful pink rooms! I am loving the one with the gray molding, and the last one with the eclectic style. I love a pink wall when it can be offset by funky decor that tones down the girlyness.


  6. don't know if I'm so into pink, but that Steven Gambrel room does something for me–maybe its that its a bit coral-y…..I just found your blog, Katy–and I"m loving it! Thanks for being out there~


  7. Just came across your blog and I have enjoyed looking around… Love the pink rooms!


  8. I'm all about pink, but I have the boyfriend dilemma as well. He would not be so happy to have pink splashed all over our apartment. I'll have to think of clever ways to sneak it in.


  9. I am especially smitten with the entryway. I lust after pink, but there is NO WAY my boyfriend will go for it. One of these days, I'm going to dart him and paint to my heart's content!


  10. Love pink, especially for cute little rooms. We have a small powder room off the kitchen and I did it in a coral pink. So glad I did. Definitely do some pink in your house!!


  11. I love these pink rooms, katy! especially the first one and i think the last…of the dining room! Hmmm, wondering to self if husband would go for a pink bedroom?? thanks for the inspiration.