Crocheted Rocks: Resurrection Fern

All of us bloggers love Resurrection Fern. Margaret is a creative genius. How can you not love her crocheted little keepsake rocks? This blog is for my mom and grammy because they probably haven’t come across these beauties yet. You can purchase the rocks (which sell really quickly) or a photograph of a group of rocks elizabeth has crocheted. So pretty, right?

p.s. Margaret is the genius behind the lace ice doilies I shared back in January.

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  1. Hi , my name is actually margaret or margie although some people call me fern. Elizabeth is a very nice name but unless she the magical being who crochets stones when I am asleep at night I am afraid she doesn't really exist. Thanks so much for posting about my stones. You have a very wonderful blog.


  2. I love these. They make me want to crochet again, but I was never nearly this good (or this inspired).