Weekly Wrap Up: January 30, 2009

Weekly Blog Round Up: January 30, 2009

It’s been kinda a bummer week. Domino closed, I lost my job, the economy is sliding into the total shitter. Thankfully we tried to lighten things up around here with a chocolate vanilla birthday cake. I started the week showing off some great white bathroom images. Next week I promise to share more bath inspiration. Have a nice weekend! Below is a list of all my posts from the past week broken up into suitable categories.

Accessories: Hand Carved Sperm Whales and Golden Cods

Affordable Artwork: i. klee design postcards, Drying Our Boots by the Stove Print, and Ice Cream Painting.

Artist: Elizabeth Shuppe: Painter and Eric Blum.

Bathrooms: Basic White Bathroom Inspiration and 2-Family Dilemma and More Bathroom Inspiration.

Fashion: Bow and Flower Belt Inspiration

Flowers: Birthday Cake and Flowers and Spring Flowers at the Grocery Store.

Furniture: Upholstered Ottomons, Reed Stool, and Floral Needlepoint Ottoman.

Holiday: Valentine Day Cards 2009

Inspiration: Electro Magnetic Spectrum Chart

Jewerly: Sailor Knot Ring

Pillows: Vintage Floral Euro Shams

Tabletop: Blue Ombre Bowls

Textiles: Cross Stitch and Embroidery, Mark Hearld, Plaid Wool Blankets from Faribault Mills, and Plaid Flannel Sheets at Lands End.

p.s. find all the resources featured in January 2009 by clicking here. See you in February!

round of january blog posts

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  1. Katy, you are truly a talented and gifted person! I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your job. I hope you find something bigger and better! You are blessed in so many ways!! Your blog alone is an inspiration to others!


  2. it is a bummer to be laid off, something I've known now for a month. you're so talented, I know something great will come your way.

    there were some beautiful posts this week.


  3. Thanks Katie for a week of great posts in spite of the bummer news about Domino—I think that's what saddens me the most about its closing: all the incredibly talented staffers who are now jobless. my heart goes out to you all and I thank you for the amazing creativity and inspiration you provided us through Domino. i have every confidence that your talents will find an outlet for expression!

    And if all else fails you can become a pastry chef—that cake looks GORGEOUS!