Thonet Bentwood Chairs

I’m a huge fan of Thonet’s Bentwood chairs. I’ve searched high and low for antique versions or a good reproduction. Usually, I find one or even two but hardly ever a set. My prayers have been answered via remodelista. A source that carries all my Thonet desires. Including that amazing bench above.

Bauhaus2YourHouse presents licensed designs of Thonet, as manufactured by original European Thonet factories in Radomsko Poland, and Brno, Czech Republic, using historic molds and techniques. Remarkably few changes have been necessary over the last 150 years. The factories still follow the 18th century production methods developed by Michael Thonet to produce historically accurate, handsome, and sturdy bentwood chairs, stools, tables, and accessories. Cane seats are hand-tied, and wood laths steamed and bent into curved jigs then dried, sanded, and finally stained and varnished before being assembled.”

A few of the chairs are available in a range of stain colors. (Check out Abbey’s blog for a red set to inspire.) I am personally in love with the little number at the bottom in the middle. The Thonet Cafe Daum Side Chair is curvy and different. So cute! Find out more:

(via remodelista)

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  1. I have a set of six Thonet dining chairs (stamped Thonet – Austria) and may be interested in selling same.

    Can you recommend any dealers or collectors in NY / Connecticut area?


  2. I have just become owner of 2 THONET chairs, danish modern style,arms, rounded braces , brass caps on legs and turquoise vinyl seats probably from the 60’s, in very good condition and the THONET NY tags still attached to the bottoms
    What have I got here?
    Dee Davidson
    Avon Park FL


  3. Try ebay… I bought the most adorable pair of Thonet children’s chairs for about $120. Just save a search and see what comes up every day. They have a child’s loveseat – original – that one of the dealers puts up periodically. What you’ll really die for is Tom Scheerer’s Caribbean master bedroom in House Beautiful if you haven’t seen it already… is that not the most gorgeous Thonet bench?


  4. I had never heard of Thonet. We bought a desk off craigslist and when we went to pick it up we were offered the chair for free. I was so impressed by how sturdy it is even though it seems very old. It has the paper tag on the bottom and the number is 46. I’ve tried to find this same chair on several different sites, but am having no luck. I’m curious to know how these chairs were numbered and what the age of this one might be. Any help?


  5. I thought I was the only Thonet-obsessed person! My friends all think I have a serious problem. I constantly check ebay australia, hoping to find that one exquisite bentwood that is totally unique.


  6. Hello from Australia! I too am in love but with a Thonet S 18/56 Two Seat Settee. I am having trouble making contact with as they don't normally send to Australia. Any other ideas? I think I have been to every site possible. I want to get it in memory of my Austrian grandmother.



  7. I love Thonet. I keep hoping to find some in a barn or at a sale, ridiculously cheap. It's my favorite impossible wish.