Snowy Sunday Morning Photo Post

Snowy Lobster Traps and Boat

Happy snowy Sunday morning! We got hit last night with a pretty healthy snow storm totaling about 8-10 inches. It’s still snowing this morning so maybe we will get a few more. I acted on one of my New Year’s resolutions this morning and took some snowy photographs. I loved the color versions but then by a happy accident I hit the “desaturate” button in photoshop and ended up with these beauties. I really love them. To see the full color versions click over to flickr photostream.

p.s. I also started a new category called, “photography“. So that I could share all my favorite photographers in one place.

Lobster Shed and Traps in b&w
Black & White Lobster Traps and Boat
Black & White Lobster Traps
Black & White Lobster Traps, Boat, Shed

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  1. Beautiful! I am so jealous. Except I think my Southern Californian self would not last a day in that snow.


  2. I apologize for my terrible mistake! They look like the cages they transport chickens in. Haha! Lobster cages are so much more… exciting, not romantic, but…. hmmm. I don't know. Anyway, they're gorgeous when they're covered in snow :) Thanks for the comment on my own little blog, Katy!


  3. We got hit pretty hard, too. It ended around 7 or 8 last night and most of the roads still aren't plowed! Where are those lovely cages? What a nice scene for a snowy shoot. Imagine some fancy model (knitwear for sure) in front of them. Do it!