Quilling Valentines

I was remembering a great quilling article from Martha Stewart February 2002 when I came across the photo below. Unfortunately, the images and directions from Martha are all screwed up her website. I did find the two photos above which are great valentine making inspiration. I would love to find some more images like the flowery version by Yulia Brodskaya below. Do you know of any?

p.s. the image and instructions have been updated on marthastewart.com!

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  1. Be carefully quilling can be very addictive!
    I've been a quiller since 1975 and are still amazed at what can be made with strips of paper!!!
    I just started a new link page on my site if you'd care to check out some more quilling.
    It can be accessed from both my Blog and the shop.
    There's also links to loads of free patterns… unlike MS the instructions are clear!!! LOL
    Plus it super inexpensive to do, a real bonus.

    Keep on Quillin',