Paper Mache Inspiration

I’ve been thinking about paper mache the last few nights. I came across the piece above by Susan Dwyer and was quite mesmerized. The color and shape seemed delicate and interesting. I imagined them in a group maybe painted pink on the inside. Then, I remembered seeing some paper mache pieces in the Anthro windows in New York last Spring. The sphere objects where made into a garland and decorated with red, white, and blue striped fabrics. I wonder what I could make?

p.s. I included another shot showing a piece of the garland that used paper liners, coffee filters, and plates.

anthropologie windows 08

anthropologie windows 08

anthropologie windows 08

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  1. This is a GREAT WINDOW !

    Wow, I thought that I/we at FineCraftGuild was becoming the Paper flower queens, but really, we’re mere ‘toddlers’ when it comes to the merchandisers / designers at this great, great lifestyle store.

    What an inspiration.

    Thank you